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Year Built:1984
Total Sq. Footage:45,470 S.F.
Net Rent:$10.00/S.F.
OP Expense:$4.47/S.F.
Typical Floor Size:45,470 S.F.
Parking Ratio:4/1000
  • Professional Park-Like Setting
  • Excellent Parking Access
  • Convenient Access To Rt. 53
  • Common Area Conference Room
  • Snack Room
  • Work-Out Area On Site



Available Spaces
Suite 3125-E655S.F.
Suite 3115-Q1,000S.F.
Suite 3115-N1,080S.F.
Suite 3115-S1,273S.F.
Suite 3125-B1,310S.F.
Suite 3125-A1,918S.F.
Suite 3125-I1,956S.F.
Suite 3115-P2,050S.F.
Suite 3115-G2,070S.F.
Suite 3115-R2,391S.F.
Suite 3125-CH2,548S.F.
Suite 3135-C2,670S.F.
Suite 3125-AB3,228S.F.
Suite 3125-BI3,266S.F.
Suite 3115-Q-R3,391S.F.
Suite 3125-BCH3,858S.F.
Suite 3115-HIO4,121S.F.
Suite 3125 - C-H-I4,504S.F.
Suite 3115-HIO-N5,201S.F.
Suite 3125-BCHI5,814S.F.
Suite 3115-HIO-G6,191S.F.
Suite 3115-HIO-N-G7,271S.F.
Suite 3125-ABCHI7,732S.F.
Suite 3115-GHIONPQR12,712S.F.
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