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Year Built:1990
Total Sq. Footage:253,363 S.F.
Net Rent:$17.00/S.F.
OP Expense:$8.55/S.F.
Typical Floor Size:21,100 S.F.
Parking Ratio:3.3/1000
  • Riverwalk Amenities
  • EPA Energy Star Certified
  • On-Site Management
  • Conference & Training Center to Seat 75-80
  • 5-Level Structured Parking Deck
  • On-Site Health Club
  • Cafeteria & Riverwalk Cafe
  • On PACE Main Line for Buffalo Grove & Deerfield Metra Stations
  • Adjacent to Forest Preserve Walking Trails
  • On-Site Security Guard Service
  • Fiber, Wireless & Cable available (AT&T, Comcast & BOB)


Available Spaces
Suite 7301,009S.F.
Suite 40-C2,051S.F.
Suite 5502,232S.F.
Suite 5602,282S.F.
Suite 7502,869S.F.
Suite 45-C3,197S.F.
Suite 3503,202S.F.
Suite 7203,497S.F.
Suite 10203,605S.F.
Suite 3053,740S.F.
Suite 730-7503,878S.F.
Suite 5004,159S.F.
Suite 3154,255S.F.
Suite 5104,296S.F.
Suite 3204,496S.F.
Suite 720-7304,506S.F.
Suite 8054,736S.F.
Suite 4204,960S.F.
Suite 40C-45C5,248S.F.
Suite 4305,662S.F.
Suite 7056,767S.F.
Suite 305-3506,942S.F.
Suite 720-730-7507,375S.F.
Suite 320-3507,698S.F.
Suite 500-5108,455S.F.
Suite 305-320-3509,316S.F.
Suite 705-7509,636S.F.
Suite 11159,823S.F.
Suite 420-43010,662S.F.
Suite 705-720-730-75014,142S.F.
Suite 1200-PH16,952S.F.
Suite 90019,388S.F.
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